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Wings not only make your character look chic, but also significantly improve some of their attributes.

There are blue, orange, purple, and pink wings, and the color defines by what value the character’s attributes will be improved.
An important note: wings cannot be disassembled.

Wings do not have class restrictions. However, the higher their quality, the higher must be the minimum level of the character as well as their level of holiness:
  • blue quality — level 60+, holiness level 3+;
  • orange quality — level 70+, holiness level 5+;
  • purple quality (except trophies) — level 80+, holiness level 10+;
  • pink quality — level 80+, holiness level 15+;

Wing types, standard attributes and how to get them


An important note: after you get the wings, you’ll need to identify their attributes with the Feather Identificator. You can purchase it from any Peddler NPC. You cannot equip unidentified wings. Orange wings can be equipped without identification.

Upgrading wings and changing their attributes

Like other elements of equipment, wings can be upgraded:
I. You can change wing attributes with the help of a Runestone.
II. Use Enchanting Gems and Soul Gems to upgrade wings. You can also remove the upgrade with an appropriate soul catcher. Wings can also be upgraded with divine forging.
  • Young Officer’s Wings, Mercenary Wings, Dark Sphere Wings, Wings of Dusk, Wings of Cold and Wings of Happiness can be upgraded to +15
  • purple and pink wings can be upgraded to +40
III. You cannot upgrade wings with symbols or gems. Wings, like any equipment, may have gem slots, but you cannot place gems in them.
IV. Star Magic
The process of wing upgrade through Star Magic has a few details worth mentioning. You cannot transfer stars from one pair of wings to another, but all wings already have level 7 stars from the start. The exception are the Young Officer’s Wings, which do not have stars.
Use the Book of the Astrologer to change star properties and increase the enchantment level. In this case, the next upgrade level will be determined randomly (level 8-10). Note that next time you use the Book of the Astrologer, the level of star magic won’t fall below 8.
After you use Star Magic, you can activate awakening.


Equipped wings take the cloak slot (as outfit). Purple and pink wings also have a special bonus that affects another character if they kill the character with the wings:

1. Blood for Blood — the killer loses 7% HP in 7 sec.
2. Last Prank — the killer loses 60% MP in 10 sec.
3. The NPC Tribute to Dead Hero appears in place of the killed character for 1 minute. All characters within a certain range receive Tribute to Dead Hero buff, which reduces the movement speed by 30%. The totem’s slowdown effect lasts for 30 seconds.
4. Grace of Rebirth — after the owner of the wings is revived, they get the following buff for two minutes:
  • DMG increase for all classes +200;
  • Spirit DMG +400.
5. Posthumous Service — HP of the deceased character’s party members increases by 88,000 points for 1 minute.
6. Aggressive monster Mad God appears in place of the killed character for 1 minute. Uses a massive attack that reduces HP of each target by 1%.
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