Second gem cutting


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The second gem cutting is done by NPC Daniel (Tario [730;685]). You will need a special recipe, a cut gem of the appropriate level and some additional resources.

You can purchase recipes for the second cutting of lv. 4-6 gems from NPC Formacius (Tario [729;694]). Open the Elite tab to purchase blueprints of brilliants of any level.
Most level 7 and 8 recipes drop from ordinary monster leaders with the Tainted Shackles aura. They can also be purchased from NPC Larisa (Tario [374;643]). The exception are the recipes for Bright Sapphires, Topazes and Pearls, which, regardless of their level, drop from monsters in the dungeons.
You can also buy second cutting recipes in Premium Store. There you can purchase recipes for the second cutting of maximum level gems, as well as level 7 and 8 Topazes, Bright Sapphires and Pearls.

Note: the type of gem you will get while cutting it is chosen randomly.

Check the table below to see the needed resources and the attributes of the second-cut gems

Uncut gem stats

First gem cutting
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