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Gems are rare items that can enhance your character’s attributes. The description of each gem explains the attributes it improves. The amount of improvement depends on the gem level. Gems can be inlaid only in equipment with special slots.

Making gem slots

Equipment can have up to 7 slots.
To make the first 5 slots, you will need Drills that correspond to your equipment level.
To make the 6th and 7th slots, you will need an 1549382690634.png Eternal Drill.

How to get drills:
  • Craft via blacksmithing (except for Eternal Drill)
  • Obtain from Stone Chests
  • Buy in Premium Store
  • Win in lotteries
  • Get them during events
To drill a slot, right-click on the drill and then left-click on the equipment in which you want make a slot.
  • The more slots the item has, the higher the chance of failure.
  • You can make slots not only in equipment, but also in elves and Elysium and Absolem crystals starting from level 80.
  • The 6th and 7th slots are drilled with a 100% chance.
  • Each type of gem can be inserted only in certain types of equipment. These limitations are explained in the gem’s description.

How to get gems

There are several ways to get gems:

1. Polish uncut stones
You have a chance to find uncut stones when mining crude ore, killing bosses in dungeons and opening various chests.

To polish an uncut stone, you will need one of the Grinding Stones that can be purchased from a Peddler.
Note the description of grinding stones, it indicates what type of uncut stones you can polish with this stone.
To polish an uncut stone, right-click on the grinding stone and then left-click on the uncut stone. You will get a gem or a Stone Shard as a result.

2. Exchange for stone shards
You can get level 3 gems from NPC Gem Trader Ormond (Tario, 745 710) by bringing him a certain number of Stone Shards. Hover your mouse over a gem in the store to see the number of required shards.

3. Gem chests
You can find gem chests of different quality in various dungeons.

4. Exchange for Gem Coupons
You can get ordinary and combined gems by exchanging them for Simple and Elite Gem Coupons.
You can buy coupons in the Premium Store (V) or win them in a lottery.
To exchange the coupons, bring them to special traders: simple coupons to NPC Erin (Tario - х462; z417), and elite coupons to NPC Murine (Tario - х470; z417). Point your mouse over a gem to see its price.

5. Premium Store, Coupons section.

6. High-level gems can be found in various Premium Store chests.

7. Battle of the Celestial Favorites: this event takes place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:00. Participate in it for a chance to get Heavenly God Stone Shards, which can be glued together to form a level 4-5 special gem. To glue the shards, buy a special glue meant for the stone you want to receive in Premium Store (Enhancement section, Gems tab).

8. Elf breeding: you may get a level 4 or 5 Blood Sapphire when breeding elves.

9. Pirate Bay and Devil's Gorge: the final chests may contain level 3-8 Lazulite, level 3-8 Pearl, level 3-8 Malachite and level 3-8 Amethyst.

10. Big and Small Chests of Prosperity


To inlay a gem, right-click on it in your inventory and then left-click on the equipment you want to enhance. Note that gems can be inlaid only into specific types of equipment:

Upgrading gems

Talk to NPC Gem Upgrade Master Tricia (Tario, 745 695) to upgrade a gem

To get a higher level gem, you need to:
1) select the gem you want to upgrade from the list;
2) select the necessary materials (Enchanting Gems, Crystals of Immortality, Gem Crumb, Demonic Poison Stones, Elemental Grains, and Gem Upgrade Runes).

  • required materials depend on the level and type of a gem;
  • if an upgrade fails, only one of three stones will be destroyed;
  • the higher the gem’s level, the higher the chance of failure.

You can also upgrade some gems by talking to NPC Palace Master Albert (Tario - х482; z612). He can also help you make:
  • Blood Sapphires (level 4-12)
  • Diamonds (level 4-12)
  • Guardian Runes
  • Pure Elf Elixir and other things

Changing gem type

You can change the type of an ordinary uncut level 3-12 gem. To do this, talk to NPC Gem Master Fechin (Tario, 736,712). You will receive a random same-level gem of a different type.
To change the gem type you will need the following items: Stone Shard, Frost Gem, and gold.

Gem removal

You will need 1549384411960.png Gem Removal to remove a gem.

Note: the level of Gem Removal item must match the gem’s level.

You can craft level 1-7 Gem Removal yourself through blacksmithing. You will need a Metal Mold, which can be purchased from any Peddler NPC, and Crystals, which you can get by disassembling level 20+ items and killing monsters.
Level 8-12 Gem Removal can be purchased in the Premium Store or won in a lottery.

To remove gems, talk to the special NPC Gem Removal Master Seamus (Tario, 737,689). To remove 1 gem, you will need 1 removal item of the appropriate level and 10 gold.

1) Select equipment from which you want to remove the gem.
2) Select the gem you want to remove.
3) To make sure that you only remove 1 gem, check the number of items selected for removal.

Gem cutting
First gem cutting
Second gem cutting